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Saturday, August 14th
MADK Productions & 206 Zulu present:

Over the last 15 years, MAD Krew has helped shape the core of the Hip Hop community of Seattle and beyond, paving the way for new generations to expand. From street art to galleries, documentaries to live television, house parties to festivals and national summits, and education to community organizing, MADK continues to thrive in the hearts and minds of many.

All out cyphers with the World's best including DJs, B-Boys/Girls, Writers & MCs! More announced weekly!

Underground Events Center
2407 1st Ave (Belltown between Battery & Wall)

Waves of the Mind

    We are proud to welcome the dynamic group- Waves of the Mind to the Fresh Chopped Beats / Mad Krew camp! For those unfamiliar, Waves of the Mind (consisting of InkuBiz, Mic Flont and Khanfidenz) has been making noise in the Seattle underground for the last few years- not just as emcees, but also as hosts of the (former) weekly "Foot Traffic" fame, along with the Project Mayhem collective. The diverse group is most notable for their high energy on stage and with production by Phreewil, offers a classic Hip Hop sound that is sure to make "waves". Stay tuned for their self-titled debut album to be released later this year as well as upcoming tour dates.  

Khingz releases "Cold Hearted In Cloud City"

What are the critics saying?

Now enter the follow-up to From Slaveships to Spaceships, Cold Hearted in Cloud City. While not as fully realized conceptually as From S to S (a Star Wars/Khingz-as-the-Blaq-Han-Solo theme loosely holds the sci-fi element together), this record may represent more of a transition in musical styles for the emcee. Gone is the frantic urgency of previous beats, and taking that place is a far mellower vibe. It is, dare I say, more sonically “accessible.” The fact that his rhyme style still meshes well with the more delicate production, only confirms my argument that Khingz is one of the most versatile emcees currently active in Seattle. (Though to be fully accurate, I should qualify that statement by acknowledging he’s since relocated to Vancouver, BC.)

The shift in musical styles is also accompanied by a slight shift in subject matter. Gone is the powerful declaration of liberation, which Khingz presumably nurtured to fruition on Slaveships. Cold Hearted finds Khingz getting more comfortable with his current place in the rap game. He shows he can body wack rappers with ease on “Carbonite Flow;” he confidently declares his journey through hip-hop has been unlike any other on “Kessel Run;” and shows he will gladly rock a party if motherf*ckas just wanna dance on “Devilish Grin.” It’s all done with an undercurrent of trepidation, however, which never allows levity to fully embrace the record. Khingz knows there’s a poison goin’ on (in the world and the rap game; see: “Hybernation Siccness”), and he’s too much of an introspective soul to allow himself to forget it, even for a moment.

For media inquiries, interviews, drops, servicing and bookings, email info_at_khingz_dot_com.

Gabriel Teodros Releases "GT's Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape"

Click the image to download it now... for free!!! "What made Gabriel Teodros' Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape one of my favorite records last year was, one, the passion he put into his raps ("the more emotion I put into it, the harder I rock"), and, two, the fact that he was rapping on beats produced by Oh No and collected on Ethiopium, an experiment that processed Ethiopian pop and jazz into hiphop. Not only was GT and Oh No a perfect match, but GT, a black Ethiopian, was in a sense giving praise to Oh No, a black American, for successfully processing parts of Ethiopian pop. It does not end with just that. Oh No's Ethiopium contains many samples from the fourth record in the highly regarded Ethiopiques series, Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale, 1969-1974, which features compositions by Mulatu Astatke, the father of a form of music that processed black American jazz into new Ethiopian substances. And so what we find in Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape is this rich complexity: a black Ethiopian rapper is processing the beats by a black American producer who processed Ethiopian tunes that were produced by processing black American jazz and funk. This is nothing but the very meaning of hiphop—processing, processing, processing."
- The Stranger

Archived News

2010: MAD Noise!

2010 marks an end of an era and a beginning of a new one. In a time of transition, Seattle Hip Hop has endured so much over the course of the year. Still as the country remains oblivious to the impact Seattle Hip Hop has, the impact exists and continues to grow none-the-less.

From hundreds of unforgettable events to the bustling nightclub scene, break battles like Mighty 4 (hosted by 206 Zulu) which attracted over 1000 people to millions of people around the country supporting the advancement of Seattle's own Massive Monkees' to 3rd place on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, from the national flurry being made by Blue Scholars, Greyskul, Common Market, D.Black to super producers like Jake One and Vitamin D and others who are rising onto the national plateau, Seattle Hip Hop is alive and well.

This year is also a time of growth for members of Seattle's luminary crew- Mad Krew, with graffiti/visual artists like OneSevenNine whose work spans walls, galleries and clothing, deejays like Scene and Dev who travel the country with their party-rockin' skills, and organizers like King Khazm who juggles community activism, Hip Hop education, multi-media and more.

2010 marks the beginning of a new partnership between two Seattle-based Hip Hop labels- MADK Productions (Mad Krew's label and production company) and Fresh Chopped Beats. This alliance is proving to be a powerful one as the momentum builds with their first collaborative release. In June, Seattle's veteran MC and freestyle champion Khingz dropped his long-awaited album "From Slaveships To Spaceships" on FCB/MADK, a blow-out sophomore album to his debut album "Mi Vida Negra". He has received considerable airplay with his first single "Ponyboy" which placed #2 on Rap Attack charts.

Also debuting was "Moving Pictures" by The Building Project, an unforeseen collaboration with some of Seattle's most notable emcees; Khingz, Specs Wizard, Dume41 and King Khazm, which also serves as an introduction to label's new roster.

The momentum continues to build as the new decade begins. Keep your eyes and ears open for these upcoming projects on FCB/MADK: Suntonio Bandanaz "Who Is... Suntonio Bandanaz?!" (2/25), King Khazm "Diary of a Mad", Specs Wizard "gRAPhics" and Gabriel Teodros' "Colored People's Time Machine"!

179 On The Grind

MAD Krew's own 179 has been keeping busy with a plethora of art projects; from galleries to showcases to clothing and more. If you aren't familiar with her work, you will! Check out this recent interview in the Citrus Report. Also currently, 179's art exhibit can be viewed at Upper Playground in the University District in Seattle.

Katalyst arts program unites youth from many backgrounds

By Marian Liu from the Seattle Times
Photo by Mike Siegel

Tacked together with plywood, the recording booth provided only the bare basics — a mike and a headset — but Dennis Randle didn't care. It was his sanctuary from the streets.

"This is where one Blood and one Crip are now homies," said Randle, 24. "You connect artistically and become close community."

Randle spoke between recording sessions at Katalyst, a music and graffiti workshop run by Washington Asian Pacific Islander Community Services (WAPI) in the Chinatown International District. Established in 1993, the nonprofit has been offering classes since 2006 in various hip-hop disciplines (music, recording and art), taught by local artists like the Blue Scholars, Gabriel Teodros, Daniel "King Khazm" Kogita and DJ B-Girl.

Click HERE for full article.

Enter the Madness  

  Now after 10 years since it's national debut, MAD Krew's Northwest Hip Hop documentary "Enter the Madness" is released for the first time on DVD! This classic film produced by DJ Scene and directed by King Khazm swept the country by storm giving national exposure to Northwest emcees, deejays, b-boys and writers such as Swollen Members, Khingz, Massive Monkees, Alpha-P, Kutfather, Cause-B, Jabs, Lifesavas and many more during the late 90's era. This 60 minute commemorative video comes with 13 bonus tracks from FCB/MADK that you can import into your music library. Order now while supplies last!